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Award winning books that haven’t been written yet.

Future Seminars

Watch Dr. Beasley channel a humpback whale named Aldo.
Find out what the whales are really talking about.
“It’s getting hot in here. Turn down the heat.”


Find out why judging others is good for your health.

Online Seminar

Become a Certified Reverse Psychic Now -
I can show you how in 12 weeks


Redirect Reincarnated Lost Loves Back into Your Life –
Join me and all my ex-husbands for a weekend getaway
that will change your life. Place and dates TBD.

Book Project

The Probing Secret – learn how I cleverly talked my way out of being abducted by Aliens and instead traveled to their planet and taught a seminar on Overcoming Low Self-Esteem. 
A true story.

Secure Your Place In The Universe -
Video Game in Development

Sqashola - Squash life events and ex-husbands before they squash you.

Who am I?


Who I am now is not always who I have been.


I am pretty sure I have lived before, maybe not as a human being, but possibly as a:


Humpback Whale

Wolf Eel


Moon Jelly

Resident of Atlantis

Ancient Alien


I am a combination of stardust mixed with gas – probably more gas, according to Hortense. Who is Hortense? To find out the answer to that question, you will have to buy my book.


Who am I now?


I am a forward thinking, ahead of the curve architect who wants to get there before everyone else.


Don’t live in the now.

Live in the future.

The future is now.


Why have a timeshare in Mexico when you can have a timeshare in space?


For example, right now I am designing a spaceship in my backyard in case we have to get off the planet fast.  It’s really big, so everyone is welcome.


Bring a favorite appetizer or favorite drink – think of it as a potluck in space.


We don’t know where we’re going nor do we have a fuel source (although, as Hortense says, I have plenty of gas.)


Full access to the Tequila Bar and Lap Pool is included in the price of the ticket.

(personal checks not accepted)


If you want to read about me in greater detail and learn more about my best selling books, films, seminars, workshops or cooking shows, it would behoove you to buy my book.


But again, it’s up to you.  I can’t force you.  I just don’t want you to miss out.


Dr. Beasley


DISCLAIMER: Dr. Beasley is not a real doctor. She is an imaginary, fictitious character who only thinks she is real. Do not try anything she suggests without consulting a real doctor, psychotherapist or good friend. Proceed with caution. However, her book IS real, and can be purchased on