Time Saving Tips You Can’t Live Without

Written while sleeping
Three lifetimes ago
Not that it matters but, I was trying to save some time

Here are a few Time Saving Tips you can’t live without…
Well, to be honest, maybe you can live without them.
But come on, would you really want to?
1. You can’t text while driving – but no one ever said you can’t put your makeup on. You’ll be looking in the rearview mirror a lot if you’re applying mascara or eyeliner and that way you’ll see every car sneaking up behind you.
2. Vacuum while you’re cooking – I never said your food won’t taste like dirt – but your house will be clean. Especially if you have a camel like I do who frequently makes a mess in the house. Especially behind the TV.
3. Write while you’re sleeping – work out plot details and character bios in your dreams. Just tell yourself that you want your Night Writer to pay you a visit. He/She or It will give you the ideas and creative bursts you need. Just be sure to write everything down first thing in the morning before putting in your teeth, visiting the bathroom or having a cup of coffee or those inspirations will disappear forever.
That’s it – the time saving tips to change your life – and mine – especially if you pay me for it.

With love & virtual hugs,
Less germs that way,

Dr. Beasley