Why I Love The Dinosaurs

Written 65 million years ago
In the early afternoon while eating shrubs and plants with my 800 teeth
Not that it matters, but I was a Three Horned Triceratops at the time

I remember the day – like it was yesterday.
The fact is it was 65 million years ago – the day we looked at one another and said “Let’s get our butts out of here.”
Sure there was a meteor but it was more than that.
It was our decision to exit.
Because we realized if we didn’t leave right then we would be holding back something else from coming.
The human beings.
If we stayed they wouldn’t come.
It was brave.
It was kind.
Even the frills on the back of my skull knew it was the right thing to do.
Had we not left Tyrannosaurus Rex would be running Apple computers.
And that would be a problem because his arms are too short to reach the keyboard.
Let alone use the new Apple Watch.
I’m just telling the truth because I want you to know.

Thinking of you always,
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,
You are my favorite,
Just don’t tell the others,

Dr. Beasley