Potluck For Peace

Written last night
At 3:03 am
Not that it matters, but I was participating in Underwater Disco Dancing when I wrote this

Is there a way people of the world can unite and explore what we have in common as opposed to how different we are?
Of course there is.
It’s called a potluck.
You bring your favorite food and I’ll bring mine.
The minute we pass gas together, we will realize we have a lot in common.
Neither one of us can digest beans.
Maybe we will share a cup of tea and some sort of delicate, flakey sweet dessert made with honey and nuts. And maybe you will tell me a joke in a language that I do not understand and maybe when I see you break into laughter I will know it’s a time for me to laugh so I will mirror your laughter back to you only in that moment it become real laughter and in that second we will share a bond that feels unbreakable.
When we experience this moment I realize rather than telling you how to do things differently I would rather ask you questions and learn something about you – like if you make pancakes, do you make them thin or thick? Same thing about pizza – thin crust or thick? What about beverages – do you prefer coffee or tea?
The questions have no end.
There is too much to learn.

So there you go.
When I see you floating one day as a piece of cosmic dust,
I will stop you, smile and say, “Excuse me, aren’t you the one who gave me that recipe for Baklava?”
And when I hear you laugh I will know.
With love and affection,

Dr. Beasley