Who’s Conning Who?

Written in last Saturday
While roller skating
Not that it matters but,
sometimes gliding in circles gives you the best ideas

Every morning when I wake up, look in the mirror and tell myself I look great, it’s a benevolent con job.
Come on, get real, if I don’t tell myself good things who will?
In one way or another, it’s all about the con job.
Take the women on the show The Bachelor.
Are they there to find love?
Or are they there to launch their singing, acting or modeling career?
Or they’re just bored.
That’s why my new reality show, Who’s Conning Who? is a guaranteed hit.
1. Apprehend a criminal.
2. Give him a complete makeover: highlights, skin treatments, fix his teeth, shape up his wayward eyebrows and provide a new wardrobe.
3. Then make him the new Bachelor.
The most honest person on the show is probably the criminal.
Who knows, it might work out.

Just keeping it real, 

Until we meet again,
Which might be never,

Dr. Beasley