You Are More Than You Know

Written on Mount Olympus
On a hot day
Not that this matters, but I wrote this right before an epic thunderstorm

You are more than you know.
Most of us think we know who we are.
That’s it.
We just know.
But did you know that there are a lot of things living inside of you?
Depending on you for their very existence?
For example:
Bacteria – good and bad
Microscopic organisms who are living because of you.
To them – you are their universe.
Their luxury condo.
Their club med.
And depending on the health of your bowels, they can’t go on without you.
So the next time you’re filling out your tax return be careful how many dependents you claim.
You have far more dependents than you could possibly imagine.

Always thinking of you,
In this world and the next,
Your friend,

Dr. Beasley