Understanding Your Place In The Fabric Of The Universe

Written two weeks ago
After I had gotten into bed without flossing
Not that it matters, but I got out of bed, flossed my teeth then wrote this

It’s not that hard.
It’s not that easy.
Think of it this way – we’re alive – on a planet spinning through space.
I like to think of this as our home away from home.
Our planet is our spaceship fully stocked with food, water, a good septic system, neighbors you like, neighbors you don’t like, ex-husbands you get along with, ex-husbands you never want to see again, potluck casseroles topped with marshmallows, music, books you can’t put down, books you never want to pick up, salsa dancing, camels, wolf-eels, jelly fish (you get the idea) and occasionally, karaoke.
Added bonuses are air, trees, the ocean, mountains, sunsets and holding hands.
Put on top of that the sound of children laughing and the ability to have your eyebrows shaped and waxed and you have a win-win.
We’re alive.
Enjoy the ride.
For now this is our home – spaceship Earth worth adoring and protecting even when the septic system is less than perfect.

In health and peace,
Buckle up,

Dr. Beasley