How To Be Your Own Imaginary Best Friend

Written this morning
In the bathtub
Not that this matters but, this an excerpt out of my best selling book “The First Self-Help Book Guaranteed NOT to Help You”

How To Be Your Own Imaginary Best Friend:
1. Take yourself out for coffee.
2. Pick up the check.
Listen to your brain…both sides.
4. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and smile.
5. If you scream…scream back.
6. Nothing is scarier than mirroring your own psychotic behavior
Take it from me.
I’ve been my own best friend for a long time.
Who else is gonna put up with all my crap?
I’m glad we could clear the air.

I would like to leave you with one final gift:
If you could be in my brain
and see the movies I see,
well, I think you would want
to come to all my premieres.

In love & light,
Keep them guessing,

Dr. Beasley